Best Backpack Travel Tips 2020


Packing light is hard. But it’s totally worth it!  Once you force yourself to pack smarter and lighter, you will travel so much easier. Packing a carry-on for a trip may not seem like a big deal. In this comprehensive guide, I will give you some tips that hopefully will help you.

 1. Why a backpack? Why not just get some wheeled luggage?

Wheeled luggage is certainly fine for a stationary holiday in a resort. But if you’re going to be traveling around, the luggage gets real awkward real fast. They’re especially awful on cobblestone streets,  old windy stairs, sandy beaches, and so on.

 2. Know the climate

The most important thing you need to know is what the climate would be like. Obviously it's easier to do this when you're going to a warmer climate. When you're choosing your clothing it'd be realistic about what you're actually going to wear. Research the climate you're going to be what kind of temperature it will be before packing your clothing.


3. Pack the must-haves, not the nice-to-haves

Focus on items that have multiple uses all the time. Do think twice before you carry anything you’ll use only on unique occasions. Keep in mind you can often rent gear locally, or find a cheap temporary fix instead of carrying something for one-time use. There are shops all over the world.

4. Don’t pack more than 1 week’s worth of clothing

It’s way easier to do laundry than to carry the bunk clothing on your back.  I think it's way easier to bring a set of clothing and then just wash it a couple of times.


5. Bring laundry bag

The laundry bag keeps the stinky clothes nicely separated so that you do need to worry that your clean clothing will be ruined.

6. Put the column-shaped stuff in the side pocket of the backpack

Because of the shape, it is more suitable for long objects, such as folding umbrellas, water bottles.


7. Keep a quarter of your bag empty

Try to keep a quarter of your bag empty. It makes it easy for you to get access to what you want. It also can store some special gifts.


8. Easy to access

it is to put the frequently used and used things in a place that is more convenient to access. When you look for the stuff at the bottom of your backpack, you must first take out all the things to find. Especially on the train or bus, you may just want to get a thin coat, and if it is stuffed at the bottom, it will really become a disaster!


9. Preventing liquid overflow is the key

Bottles and cans such as shower gel, shampoo, and contact lens potions should be packed in waterproof storage bags, and it is recommended that you try to pack them separately or bring small-capacity packaging, which can save a lot of weight! The air pressure on the aircraft may cause liquid products in bottles to overflow. Although they are separated by plastic storage bags, you can put a layer of plastic wrap on the bottle lid.


10. Reduce the strain

Pack heavy things as close to your back as possible to reduce strain on your back when you carry your backpack.


11. Roll up your clothes

Roll up your clothes rather than folding, this should make them less creased when you want to wear them and also, hopefully, give you more room.


12. Make good use of every space

The entire backpack is your belongings, wrap fragile products in socks and socks in shoes, you can save a lot of space and buy more souvenirs on the go home!


13. Forbidden items

Don’t even think about bringing your favorite Swiss-army knife for the security agents will take it from you by any case. The same goes for all dangerous items. You can check the airline’s website in advance before packing to avoid awkward situations at the airport if you want to go through security quickly.

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