How to Travel with a Skateboard on a Plane


Planning your travel? If you want to go with a skateboard anytime soon? Visiting a new place creates the welcomed opportunity to skate new terrain and skate parks. You are a skateboard enthusiastic. Wherever you go, your skateboard is going too. Yet, you are a little bit of worry about if the airline would allow you to carry your skateboard?

It varies airline to airline. Most of the major airlines are skateboard friendly, allowing different options for how to travel with your skateboard. Some will let you carry it on, some will treat it as a checked bag, and some require it to be stored in some kind of suitcase or bag.

How big a skateboard I can get on the plan?
As long as the length of your skateboard is shorter than 62 inches and should weigh less than 50 pounds, You can bring your skateboard on a plane. If your skateboard fits under the seat you don’t even need a bag. Wheels should be facing up under the seat to prevent it from rolling. Unless the staff is having a bad day, They don’t have time to deal with a deck that’s just a bit oversized. Just be friendly and compliment, the crew won’t give you too much trouble (depending on the airline).

Ways to pack your skateboard

1. Stuff the Skateboard in Your Luggage
Squeezing your board into your suitcase is acceptable for most airlines. Wrapping your skateboard with a garbage bag to keep your clothes clean. Pack your clothes around it for padding.

2. Strap the Skateboard on Your Backpack
If you feel like garbage bags will cramp your style. Then why not use a specifically designed skateboard backpack to carry your skateboard.
Easy choice, walking across the airport with a skateboard wrapped in a garbage bag under your arm or strolling with your board strapped to your stylish and comfortable backpack like the Ronyes skateboard backpack.
There’s an adjustable sternum strap and waist strap so you can secure the backpack in place and it should stay as good as possible. In addition to adjustable straps to hold your board, there’s a hidden net for basketballs, footballs, soccer, any other suitably sized sports equipment. Wherever you go, you can take your board with you, visiting the museum, wandering in a park, strolling on the street during your wonderful trip. Most of all, you always have your beloved skateboard on your back. In terms of comfort, the contoured shoulder straps and back panel are made of breathable mesh material to keep your back cool and minimize the impact.

3. Put it in the duffel
There are some specially made duffels that fit a skateboard and stored all the skate gears you might need, helmet, pads, etc. They fit skateboard inside or attach skateboard to outside with straps.

If you travel to different countries all over the world, you have to follow different baggage standards. The best advice for you here is that you need to check with your flight provider if you want to know whether your board is on board or not. If they are okay with it, do you need to pack the skateboard or not, and how?

Have you had good or bad experiences traveling by air with your skateboard? Comments below to share your experience!

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